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We are developing a new research field by using hardware, software and application synthetically. In particular, we are focusing on network systems and its applications.

Near future, the internet will play a more important role for exchanging information than that of now. Can you imagine the next generation internet? What it is and what it can do?

The performance of silicon devices is observing the Moore's law and the law predicts the end of its improvement. To overcome the limitation of Moore's law, parallel and distributed systems are indispensable. In these systems, total performance depends on its network.

Networks should have the robustness to prevent any kinds of attacks as well as to protect from intruding critical contents of information. The robustness is getting more and more important as it becomes the primary method of an information transmission. We have to quest how to keep the network security.

The speed of network and the amount of information are increased and its functions are also getting more complex. It is indispensable to synergy the merits of software, hardware and application to adopt this flooding changes.