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Related Work of Smart Community

Demonstration of smart community service

Transparent distributed network

MEC application using M-KUBOS



  • Use of FPGA computing platform M-KUBOS provided by Amano Lab by CREST
  • Live migration of FPGA context
    • Maintain network consistency
    • Optimized stream and packet management for each app
  • Anonymization / MQTT hardware and time synchronization
    • IEEE P21451.1.6 (IoT) standardization
    • IEEE P2992 (smart agriculture) standardization

Anonymization using cryptographic operations

  • Cryptographic operation = Technology that operates under restrictions using encrypted data
  • Service using personal information
    • June 2020 Promulgation of a bill to amend the Personal Information Protection Law, enforced in the spring of 2022
    • Anonymously processed information: Personally identifiable information can be deleted and sold to third parties regardless of the purpose of use.
    • Pseudonym processing information: Information that cannot be specified by itself, name identification and provision to third parties are prohibited, and the purpose of use is obligatory to be announced.
  • How to generate anonymously processed information to promote the utilization of big data? Important
    • If raw information is needed for anonymization, what method and who anonymizes is also important
    • Proposed a method to anonymize using cryptographic operations and securely generate anonymously processed information and kana processed information
  • High-cost, low-dispersion homomorphic encryption and low-cost, high-dispersion distributed encryption are used properly according to the network hierarchy.


Examples of smart community services

(1) Service example 1 Anonymous power usage recommendation

  • In the existing cloud-based service provision, raw data is sent when receiving the recommendation service. Therefore, personal information flows to the cloud as it is. Currently, few protective measures are provided.
  • Providing new services compatible with fog edges
    • Even if the cloud does not support anonymization, it will be anonymized with the fog edge router.
    • Digital watermarks can be mixed at the same time as anonymization, and if a leak occurs, the responsibility for the leak can be legally held.
    • After these functions are automatically added, AI will generate and provide a “smart electricity usage report” based on smart meter information.

(2)Service example 2 Anonymous health improvement shopping recommendation

We aim to provide more profitable purchasing recommendation services that take into account periodicity and other factors.

(3)Service example 3 New anonymous Green New Deal backlash

  • The thermal recirculation rate of a house, that is, the heat insulation performance, is automatically measured using the air conditioning power, indoor temperature sensor, and outdoor temperature sensor information. The measurement cost is low and the equipment can be reused.
    • Households with low heat insulation performance: Saitama City will carry out work to improve heat insulation performance in cooperation with banks and investment companies. You will be required to pay the reduction in utility costs for the specified number of years, for example, 10 years.
    • Homes with high heat insulation performance: Saitama City will issue a certificate of excellent heat insulation performance. In cooperation with local real estate, we will clarify merits such as improvement of second-hand sales price and promote the sale of the house.

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